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WHAT THE LORD is doing in Colville WA

by | Jul 27, 2023 | TRC Leaders Blog

From time to time we will share where the Spirit is moving…………..

As we were traveling to General Conference in Orlando, Pastor Dale Kaufman shared how a IGNITED SPIRIT-FUEL MOVEMENT was breaking out in Colville WA (look at a map to find this town close to the Canadian border).  Below are a few paragraphs of how the Lord is moving.

  • Two weeks ago, I got a call at the church from a couple who were looking for a pastor to marry them.  They had tried several different churches, but none would accommodate them, most of them refused because they were not members of those particular churches.  After hearing their story, I knew that God had led them to us.  They had been together for 13 years and have 4 kids, but had never gotten married.  Well, the Lord was working on their lives in a powerful way, and had brought them to a place where not only did the couple want to get married, but they also wanted to be baptized and have 3 of their 4 kids baptized as well!  I spent a good amount of time with them and their kids, and knew that God was doing a real miracle of grace in all their lives.  So, yesterday (Saturday), I performed their wedding at a park here in Colville, and this morning mom, dad, and their kids got baptized!  First time in church, and they took the plunge!  They are excited about coming each week, and our church has already begun to enfold them with love!  The pictures I attached are from this morning’s service and show the mom and dad getting baptized with the kids waiting in the wings for their turn!
  • Last Wednesday, a man appeared at our church from out of nowhere.  He had gone around to 5 different church buildings, but all of them were locked, until he found us!  He was in desperate need of spiritual help, and was going through a breakup of a 25-year relationship.  He had lost all hope that things would change and was ready to end his life.  But, after hearing the hope of Jesus, he prayed to receive Him, and he also came to church today for the first time!  He has a long road to go, but God has begun a work in him, and we are confident He will carry it on to completion!
  • There are other amazing things happening as well:  We are filling up our sanctuary each Sunday, even in the summer slump when many of our “regulars” are gone at times.  Because of that, we are planning on adding a second service in the fall.  This week, work began on completely renovating our West entrance, which will entail putting in an elevator, a kitchenette to go with our full kitchens downstairs, and extending our building entrance on that side about 14 feet outwards.  This work is getting done debt-free, just from the generosity of our people in their giving.  Because of that generosity, we also have a reserve fund of around $130,000 and our offerings each week are very strong (we also take up special offerings each month for different missions/ministries that bring in substantial amounts).  We have installed parking lot lights in the past couple months, done some much-needed landscape work, and have railings up around our sidewalk and outside stairs.  Because we are beginning to outgrow our space already, talk among our leadership has resurfaced of looking long-term into adding more sanctuary and classroom/gymnasium space!  That will be a while down the road, but it’s great to see the excitement among our people as they have caught a vision of what God is up to!