Leadership Summit 2022

Everywhere the river flows, it brings life

Leadership Summit 2022

Join us for The River Conference’s Leadership Summit 2022

This year’s Summit will focus on Fueling the Fire. The Keynote speaker is Anthony Headley. Tony is a Psychologist, Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, Author, and Speaker. We are excited to have him join us.

With the stresses of ministry, compounded by the last couple of year’s, we realize that pastors and church leaders have been stretched to their limits. Leadership Summit 2022 will provide practical solutions to help keep the Holy Spirit alive and well in you and your ministry.

Pre-Conference Events

Worship Workshop 9am-Noon Friday, June 17, 2022

We are offering a Worship Workshop led by Kimberly Hitt. Please consider bringing your Worship Leader to this year’s Summit so they can participate in this valuable workshop. Kim will cover several topics of leading worship:

    1. Diversity in Worship – Why is diversity important to ANY church? Who benefits from musical diversity? What does diversity in worship look like?
    2. A Heart of Worship Vs. A Call to Worship – Anointing Vs. Technical Training. A desire Vs. A calling. A lifestyle Vs. A Purpose
    3. Obstacles in Worship – How to overcome Financial Obstacles. How to overcome the beginning stages of worship & the established worship team issues of an established church. How to overcome Spiritual Obstacles.
    4. A New Song – Why is a new song important? A Lake Vs. A River mentality? How does creating new worship impact your church?

TRC’s La Conecion Gathering 9am-Noon Friday, June 17, 2022

Please join Pastor Jose Segura for a time with TRC’s Hispanic Leaders from around the conference.

TRC’s Umoja Team Gathering 9am-Noon Friday, June 17, 2022

Join District Leader Ali Mitachi or a time with TRC’s African Leaders from around the conference.


You are responsible for your accommodations. Please click on the BOOK NOW button below to make your hotel reservations for the event. Book early as we have a limited number of rooms at the group rate.

Last Day to Book: Thursday, May 26, 2022

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  • Denver Marriott West for 139 USD per night