The River Conference of the Free Methodist Church


Church Multiplication Projects

Desired Outcomes

  • Healthy, growing churches planting healthy, growing daughter churches.
  • Church planting systems which produce healthy planters and plants.
  • Growing network of planters and plants who are consistent with FMC theology, TRC mission, vision, and values.
  • Creative and innovative approach to church planting that forwards the mission of TRC.


Evaluated By

  • Character: a Christ-like character shown by behavior in keeping with biblical standards and the Free Methodist Ethical Covenant.
  • Competence: work completed with diligence and excellence, annual goals shall be set by CP Director and reviewed by the conference Multiplication Team and Superintendent.
  • Chemistry: healthy, positive relationships inside and outside of TRC
Amarillo TX - Amarillo Free Methodist Church


Corpus Christi TX - Epic Church

Pastor:  James Ford

Dallas TX - Chapel of Change

Pastor:  Catherine Hernandez

Dallas TX - Hossana Free Methodist Church

Pastor: Ngolo Saidi

Houston TX - Joy Free Methodist Church

Pastor:  Dunia Mmbelulwa

LaGrande OR - Hub City Church

Pastor: Chris & Jordan Kaufman


San Antonio TX - Tapestry Church -

Planters:  Clay & Heather Utley

Spring TX - Essential Life Church

Pastors:  Marianne & William Pena

Prayer is needed for our multiplication efforts.

Please pray for each of our church plants.  Some are just beginning, some are relaunching out of COVID, and some are a bit older.

The prayer requests:

  • Pray for “the harvest” in each of these geographic regions.
  • Pray for “daily bread” to sustain these new church pants.
  • Pray for the pastor/s as they “labor” for the wok of the Kingdom.