The River Conference of the Free Methodist Church

Healthy Board Training

A Seminar for Church Board Members and Delegates

This is a three-hour presentation by Superintendent Michael Traylor and Assistant Superintendent Mark W Douglas will be held the Friday evening prior to TRC’s 2023 Regional Leadership Summits.

Purpose: To assist TRC church boards by:

  1. Clarifying their roles, responsibilities and relationships to the church, the pastoral staff, and the conference.
  2. Clarifying their spiritual, legal, and financial responsibilities and oversight of the local church
  3. Equipping them with preventive and responsive strategies to Abusive situations (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse)

In Free Methodist polity, the local board of administration has significant authority and responsibilities. It is essential to have a functioning, effective board to have a healthy church.  Many board members bring substantial leadership gifts and experiences to their role but are often unclear of the role and the responsibilities as a board member of a local church, as well as their relationship with the pastor and pastoral staff.  Additionally, recent situations of pastoral abuse have raised questions about the role of church boards in providing pastoral accountability, protecting members, and applying Biblical and legal discipline when appropriate.  The purpose of this Healthy Board Training is to clarify responsibilities and promote principles of church health.

Friday Evening Agenda:

5:30 PM – Meal

6:00 PM – Devotional

6:15 PM – Free Methodist Book of Discipline and the local board of administration (structure and responsibilities)

6:30 PM – Local Board of Administration and the FM way

6:45 PM – Legal and financial responsibilities of the Local Board of Administration

7:00 PM – Break

7:10 PM – Recognizing and Addressing Abuse in the local Church

7:30 PM – Practicum (multiple scenarios)

8:00 PM – Close