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Sally Trager’s Resignation and Changes

by | May 19, 2022 | Announcements

June brings with it a season of change.  Sally Trager, who has served as The River Conference (TRC) is retiring.  We cannot begin to tell you the contributions that Sally has made to TRC while serving as the Finance Manager.  She has steered the financial efforts with integrity and professionalism.  She will be greatly missed.

With her departure several changes are being made to accomplish much of the work she did.  Here are some of the changes:

  • As you know the River Conference office  will be moving to Spring, TX on June 01, 2022.  The new office address is – 23300 Cypresswood Drive, Spring TX  77373-9406.
  • The current PO Box will be closed and the mailed forward to Spring, TX.
  • All conference banking has moved to CHASE.  This allows for banking coverage in all 11 states in the TRC.
  • We have contracted with The Management Group (a For Benefit Corporation of the FMCSC).
  • We have hired Marianne Pena to serve as the part-time office coordinator at Spring TX.
  • To prepare for these changes, we are asking that your June 2022 apportionment / tithe be brought to the Annual Conference if you are attending.  There will be a box located at registration desk where you can drop your apportionment / tithe form and check upon arrival.
  • If you are unable to attend the Annual Conference, please mail these items to the Spring TX address on June 19.  The new office coordinator will be on site after June 19.
  • We are also asking that you allow TRC to auto withdraw your apportionment / tithe via a ACH transfer in the coming months.   This process would be same as that done by the FMC Deferred Benefits (pension) plan.
    • This is how it works:
      • Complete the attached ACH Form and submit to TRC.   This can be done at Annual Conference or mailed at a later date.
      • You will submit your normal apportionment / tithe worksheet via a website (that will be shared in the coming weeks) by the 7th of each month.
      • On or about the 25th of each month the TRC will withdraw your apportionment/tithe via ACH from your bank account based upon the amount listed on the apportionment / tithe worksheet.
      • That is how simple it is. No paper checks.  No stamps ormail required.
      • We are sure you may have questions.  Assistant Superintendent Mark Douglas, is available to answer your questions at [email protected]
      • In the unlikely event that a ACH will not work, a check may be issued based upon the apportionment / tithe worksheet on the website.
      • The process will begin in the Fall 2022 – exact date will be shared in August.

In addition to the changes listed above, you will see a newly redesigned website soon.   The new website will be much more interactive.  It will contain more information to support your church and its ministries.

Again, we want to thank Sally for her commitment and work for the TRCfor so many years.  There are not enough words to express our gratitude.  There are several changes on the horizon but we are confident that theLord is with us and there is fruitful ministry to be done.  

God bless you all,

ACH EFT Auto Withdraw form