The River Conference of the Free Methodist Church

Affiliate with The River Conference

Information for Churches seeking to join The River Conference (TRC) of the Free Methodist Church (FMC)

Welcome to the River Conference of the FMCUSA information page for churches seeking Affiliation. We have collected links to some of the most commonly requested information below, including doctrinal positions, denominational organization, and contact information.

TRC has developed a process to help churches interested in affiliating with TRC.

  • The typical process (adjusts based on context)
  • Church contacts FMC or TRC about affiliating
  • The church schedules a ZOOM meeting that includes the pastor/s and key lay leadership.
  • The church continues to discern if the TRC / FMC is where they affiliate.
  • The church schedules a site visit weekend with the Superintendency.
The River Conference states highlighted on a US map

Site Visit: Typical Schedule of Events


Travel Day


Meet with the Pastors and lay leadership for dinner and a question and answer (Q&A)


Superintendent Preaches and All-Church Gathering for Q&A

  • After the church membership vote, the church informs the TRC of their decision regarding affiliating.
  • If the church desires to affiliate, TRC develops a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • The church begins the establish time of affiliation (from the MOU)
  • After a time of affiliation the church becomes a Society, based on the details outlined in the MOU
Schedule an initial zoom call with TRC Leadership
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