The River Conference of the Free Methodist Church


Monthly Meeting Calendar

1st Tuesday MAC Video Conference
1st Thursday

MEG Video Conference

2nd Monday Conference Multiplication Team Video Conference
2nd Tuesday Conference Advancement Team Video Conference
2nd Thursday Property Team Video Conference
3rd Tuesday (Jan/Mar/May/Sep/Oct/Nov) Finance Team Video Conference
3rd Thursday Board of Directors Video Conference
4th Tuesday District Leaders Video Conference

The River Institute Fall Cohort

Look for information on our upcoming 2023 cohort soon.

Save the Date TRC Leadership Summit 2022

Annual Conference 2023

Sat, June 24, 2023 | via ZOOM


FMCUSA General Conference 2023

July 25-28, 2023 | Orlando, FL

Save the Date TRC Leadership Summit 2022

Regional 2023 Leadership Summits

District/Region Date Location


Sep 16, 2023
Opportunity Christian Fellowship
Spokane Valley, WA 


Sep 30, 2023
Deer Flat Church
Caldwell, ID 


Oct 7, 2023
Meadowood Church
Aurora, CO 

North Texas 

Oct 21, 2023
Lighthouse Fellowship
Fort Worth, TX 

South Texas

Nov 4, 2023
Essential Church
Spring, TX 


 Nov 11, 2023
Renuevo Church
Glendale, AZ