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The River Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP UPDATE as of 2022 12 06

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Announcements

Pastors / Church Administrators / Accounting Leaders:

If your church has not signed up for the ACH COLLECT / AUTO WITHDRAW of your Conference Tithes / Apportionment / EPP this is an important document so you can sign up.  It is the intent that by January 01,2023 that all churches have submitted their authorization form so the January 2023 Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP is auto withdrawn on or about the 25th of January.

This document is also great for those 18 churches who have already submitted their authorization form and will have their December 2022 Tithe / Apportionment / EPP auto withdrawn on December 23 because of the holiday banking schedule.

CHURCH / SOCIETY Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP

Per the Book of Discipline, Free Methodist Church and The River Conference set the annual Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP.  The River Conference has been given permission to use real-time Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP.  That means each month the church /society collects and reports all receipts based on the previous month.  EXAMPLE: December report is based on November receipts.  The online report is due by the 15th of each month.

The established Tithe / Apportionment / EPP for 2023 is 10% (this has not been raised in reach years).  6.8% stays with TRC and 3.2% is forwarded to FMC by the conference on the church / society’s behalf.

On or about the 25th of the month The River Conference will ACH COLLECT (Auto Withdraw) from the church’s checking account the amount listed on the online report.

The new affiliating UM Churches, that choose to immediately become a society may be placed on a “ramping up” of the Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP due to the amount they are required to remit to the United Methodist Church as they exit.

The online ACH COLLECT (Auto Withdraw) authorization form is below.

The Church / Society online tithe report is below:


7.5% once the church reaches $1,000,000 or more in receipts.



CHURCH PLANT Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP

By action of the TRC Board of Directors (Conference Board of Administration), church plants are required to provide 5% of their gross receipts less pass throughs as Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP.  Is rare circumstances, based on specific contexts, church plants be be allowed a 1% Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP.  The Church Plant online report for Tithe / Apportionment / EPP is below.



AFFILIATE Conference Tithe / Apportionment / EPP

Per the book of Discipline, a church choosing to affiliate with The River Conference and the Free Methodist Church is not required to provide Tithe / Apportionment / EPP.  They are encouraged to provide support at 10%, 5%, or 1%.  The Affiliate online report for Tithe / Apportionment / EPP is below.